Tibetan Theatrical Troupe Performs “Crossing the Mountain Peak” in Beijing

Tibetan Theatrical Troupe Performs “Crossing the Mountain Peak” in Beijing

This piece issued from the Xinhua News Agency describes a noteworthy performance by the Tibet Autonomous Region Theatrical Troupe in Beijing. It was submitted by an anonymous translator on April 29, 2007

On April 11, more than 50 Tibetan dancers from the Tibet Autonomous Region Theatrical Troupe came to Beijing on the newly completed train to participate in the fifth national staging of the outstanding modern play “Crossing the Mountain Peak.” The oldest actor is 50, and the youngest is 25 years old. Many of the performers had not been to Beijing for ten years. After seeing the railroad, they thanked the Communist Party and the central government for building such a magnificent railroad for the Tibetan people.

For the last four decades, since 1962 when the theatrical troupe was established, it has performed about 200 shows and participated in the production of the movies “Serf,” “Snowy Mountain Tear,” “Kong Fansen,” “Red River Valley,” “The Tibet Wind and Cloud,” “Dust Fallen Decides” and many more. They have contributed to 60 movies and soap operas. The troupe has also translated nearly one hundred Chinese and foreign films and television shows for Tibetan programs. The Tibet Theatrical Troupe has 100 employees, many of whom are screenwriters, directors, and performers who work in both Tibetan and Chinese. The theatrical troupe is one of few bilingual theatrical troupes in the nation, and the performers are all Tibetan.

Last night, first time in ten years Tibet theatrical troupe came to the nation’s the capital to perform modern drama “Crossing the Mountain peak” at the Chinese Pingju Opera Theater. Under direction of Long Gao Jun, they performed the play “Crossing the Mountain Peak,” employing as the theme the major event of the construction of the Qinghai-Tibet railroad. The entire play is brimming with breadth of spirit and the challenge to realize potential.

The theatrical troupe spent only two years in preparation for this play while traveling to Tibetan areas to perform other plays. Yang Xinwei of the Shanghai Modern Drama Art Center created “Crossing the Mountain Peak”.

The main actor, Duo Bujie, starred in the movie Kekexili: Mountain Patrol.