These Days

These Days

These Days


In 2009, the Wolf Band released their first album “Brother” (ཕུ་བོ) and in 2011, they released their second album “The Wolf Looks Back” (རི་སྤྱང་གི་ཕྱི་མིག). They have played at concerts in different parts of Tibet, and are the second rock band in Tibet after Namchak (གནམ་ལྕགས). They have said they are inspired by the unity and courage of wolves. The five members in the band are Pema Dorjee, Kathup Gyal, Tsering Shawo, Tashi Shawo and Dhondup Shawo. For this song, “These days”, the lyrics were composed by Trungsang and the melody by Kathup Gyal.

These Days
Lyrics: Trungsang
Melody: Kathup Gyal

In my dream, Tibet the land of snows
Where the white snow speaks rise high in the highlands,
The rivers run clear in the low valleys
And the white flowers bloom in the middle pastures,
And the seas and lakes sound ashore with splashing waves
And the sheep bleats echo over this happy land.
This is my fortune and your smile.

In my dreams,
A stallion’s hoof beat cleaves the earth’s chest,
And a hero’s roar pierces the cliff.
Holding my shoulders high at the feet
Of the snow mountain, I build a house that belongs just to me.
My education, my foot steps, my vision– they scatter in four directions.

When I open my eyes,
A fog of beggars cloud the monastery begging,
The plastic women, arrogant with their youth, deceive men’s hearts.
My anger and my grace diminishes,
My shoulders fall, my estate decays.
It’s ruined, rotted, twisted, finished.

When I open my eyes,
The wind has blown off the flower petals.
All my beautiful dreams lay shattered.
I have lost my living.
Lost. It.

(Translated by Tenzin Dickyi)