A short poem by Tibetan song-writer Dulha Gyal about his hometown. Dulha Gyal, who works at Qinghai Television Center, also writes under the name Drong (wild yak). He is an anchor, reporter and editor as well as a song-writer. His song “Come Back In Your Heart” became very popular and was sung by famous Tibetan singers such as Yadong, Kunga, Tsewang and Gangshuk. His poem “My Wife Slept, I Am Still Writing Poems” is also famous among Tibetan writers.
The Tibetan word “phayul”, translated to “hometown” in the English version here, can have several meanings—village, hometown and also homeland.

By Dulha Gyal

When I was living in my hometown,
My hometown was very big.
Looking back at my hometown,
My hometown was very small.

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( Translated by Tenzin Dickyi and Dhondup Tashi Rekjong)