Profile of a Tibetan Businesswoman

Profile of a Tibetan Businesswoman

An unknown author posted this profile on the website It was submitted by an anonymous translator on April 29, 2007.

Tibetan economist and businesswoman Wang Ga Yu Kyiga (dbang ga yu skyid dga) was born in Ganlho Tibetan Autonomous prefecture in Gansu Province. Her parents raised her in a Chinese cultural atmosphere. Her father was one of the most famous businessmen in Amdo during the 1930s and ‘40s. He built a movie theater in a remote area in Gansu and subsequently created a soup factory, ink factory and wine factory. During the Sino-Japanese war, he built a factory that cleaned weapons. Because of his patriotic courage, the Chinese military has called him a national treasure. He also helped the Red Army during the Long March in 1935.

Initially, Wang Ga Yu Kyiga (dbang ga yu skyid dga) worked for a state owned company called the Gansu Export Center in Lanzhou, and then she started thinking about doing business on her own. In 1985, she arrived in Shenzhen, located in the southern portion of Guangdong Province. In 1980, the first Special Economic Zone of China was built in Shenzhen. From then on, Shenzhen become a prominent city of China, one known for its rapid economic growth.

After arriving in Shenzhen, Wanga Yu Kyiga started a company called Hualong Market that specialized in selling and promoting agricultural products from minority areas and exported these products extensively to Hongkong, Maco and other nations. After 16 years of hard work and effort, her company was able to organize the first Best Minority Products Expo in Shenzhen. It was the most successful Expo in that area in the history of China, with 600 billion Yen exchanged. Kyiga also invested 12 Billion Yen in order to create the Hualong Market in which products from minority areas are traded and promoted.

Currently, she is promoting yak meat and other products in the world market, in hope that it will lead to the promotion of the regional economy on the Tibet plateau. Also, she recently received an honorary PhD from the Mongolian government for her work in creating the World Poem Conference, which was held on September 3 in 2006.

Her company has created websites in both Chinese and Tibetan to promote business from minority areas.


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