An Introduction to Tibetan Youth Forum

An Introduction to Tibetan Youth Forum

An anonymous author wrote this introduction to a popular website, Tibetan Youth, for the Tibet Web Digest. It was submitted on April 3, 2007.

Tibetan Youth is the most popular forum in Tibet and the most active Tibetan language website. Although the website itself does not provide content and news, readers and bloggers submit all sorts of information and news. Thus, this forum is becoming a very important website where Tibetan youth can exchange ideas, news and gossip relatively freely. The readers are primarily monks who cannot read Chinese and college students who are specializing in Tibetan studies.

The forum was created by a young Tibetan intellectual in 1995 and is now powered by Because the forum itself does not have a domain name, in order to access it, readers must link to the Tibetan Youth forum site though

Because of the sensitive nature of the blog and message board content, government regulators shut down the forum from time to time. Thus, the webmasters and bloggers suggest that heavy self-censorship is the best way to preserve this forum.

The readers must register in order to post messages on the board. There are special topics for discussions, but readers are always creating new topics and new headings. To date, 4554 people are registered members of the forum; 4932 topics have been posted on the forum; and 46241 messages have been posted in response to the topics.

The source of funding is unknown.

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