An interview with Young Tibetan Web Engineer Gling-Nyon

An interview with Young Tibetan Web Engineer Gling-Nyon

An interview with Young Tibetan Web Engineer Gling-Nyon


Gling-Nyon, formally named Bumba-gyal, is from Rebgong, Amdo.  Since young he mainly studied Tibetan in primary and middle schools.  In 2000, due to an excellent performance on university entrance exams, he had the opportunity to attend the Electric Civil Engineering College at Northwest Nationalities University to study Physics. As he self-learned computer skills and web design techniques during school vacations, he became interested to design Tibetan language websites. Right after his graduation in 2005, he worked for Gansu Tibetan Information Technology Company for about half a year. Afterwards, he worked as a web engineer for Snow-land Youth Chatting Forum website, Butter Lamp Tibetan Literature Website and so on.  Currently, he works as a web manager for Tibet Information Technology Website and as a web designer and engineer for Tibetan Program Section at China’s Tibet Website.

Journalist: Mr. Gling-Nyon, How are you?

Gling-Nyon: How are you, Journalist?

Journalist: First of all, I want to sincerely thank you for accepting this interview from our website. You are considered one of the first Tibetan web engineers. You established many websites in the last few years. So, when did you first start making websites? Can you briefly introduce us your first website and your personal visions on web technology?

Gling-Nyon: When I was at Northwest Nationalities University, my major was Physics.  As I self-studied computer skills during vacations, I learned how to make Tibetan language websites by the time of graduation and that made me very happy. Right after graduation in 2005, I had a good opportunity to work for the Tibetan Information Technology Company at the university campus for about half a year.  It was a favorable circumstance where I was able to apply my learning experience on practice. During that time, since Tibetans had only a few Tibetan language websites and the technology was still very poor, the chatting forum on the Tibetan language website was considered very astonishing by everyone.  I also thought it was very good to have a chatting forum where people could exchange ideas, so with cooperation from a Han Chinese friend, we established the first Tibetan chatting forum in the world, the Snow-land Youth Chatting Forum. During that time, the Han-Chinese friend was mainly responsible for the technology, and I was responsible for Tibetan Input methods and its improvement. Since the Snow-land Youth Chatting Forum was the first Tibetan language chatting forum, it was enthusiastically welcomed by everyone.  At the beginning, the chatting forum was only designed for “Tong-yuan” (Tibetan font), but later, in order to fulfill the wishes of many friends in Qinghai, it also supported “Sambhota” (Tibetan font). Thus, the chatting forum had a good reputation in the society. At the same time, the number of Tibetan web users increased, which was something we should be happy about.  End of that year, in accordance with Mr. skyab-chen de-grol’s wish, we started working on the Butter Lamp Tibetan Literature Website and I was in charge of technology. Later Butter chatting forum and Butter Lamp blog were established and we tried our best to fulfill the wishes of the literature lovers.  During that time the Tibetan Language Website also opened a NOTE panel and the number of Tibetan users on the webs started rising to a high and new tide. This was also the foundation of Tibetan language climbing up the information technology century. Moreover, being able to shut up to the rumors that emphasized Tibetan was useless and valueless was considered a great success to technicians like us.

Journalist: What do you personally think about the appearance and designs of the Tibetan websites in comparison with those of other ethnicities and countries?

Gling-Nyon: Today the number of Tibetan websites increases dramatically like booming mushrooms after raining. Tibetan language, literature, religion, tourism, publication, environmental protection and IT are becoming more professional and complete.  Regarding the appearance and designs of our Tibetan websites, since we primarily used traditional colors that made the websites colorful, it was considered beautiful by the first web engineers.   Gradually, it (colorful web) was not considered pretty by some readers who were a bit familiar with websites of other ethnicities and countries. Everything has a developing process and the Tibetan websites also developed toward the direction of plain colorful and simple designs.  Any website if that becomes a bit famous in the society, the number of readers increases, and if the opening speed is fast, more people become interested in it. When designing, if the web contains many pictures, the opening speed is slow, and if the web contains only texts, the opening speed is fast. Hence, reducing pictures and increasing texts is a good designing feature. Current Tibetan webs are still remaining at the phase of TABLES in terms of their designs and technology, and that is still in a poor condition in comparison with those of other ethnicities and countries.  Referring to common web design technology in the world, using DIV+CSS for web design is considered the standardized measurement, and the benefit of using this technology is it is not only limited to computers, but it also creates favorable conditions for mobile phones to surf the Internet.

Journalist: You are a person who has not only web making skills, but also rich experience in web management. What is your reaction to the phenomenon that many web readers or consumers who without considering web technicians’ difficulties and circumstances in the creation of the webs scold and create destruction to safety of the webs?

Gling-Nyon: This is an obvious phenomenon on websites such as Tibetan Note panel and Butter Lamp Blog. Since we are citizens of People’s Republic of China, obeying the Constitutional Laws is something every one should be aware of. However, some people really like to speak without thinking about the circumstance. If illegal topics are not erased immediately, the Police shuts down the website, so it is necessary for the manager to erase (such topics) for the sake of the general condition (of the website). But the consumers, by ignoring the fact and using no freedom of speech as an excuse, scold and create destruction to the safety of good is a very bad phenomenon.

Journalist: You have written many IT related compositions on the IT website you are managing. It seem they greatly benefit a lot of people. Do you think about publishing them on a book and distribute them? (This is asked as the wish of some friends.)

Gling-Nyon: Tibetan IT or Tibetan Information Technology Website was established in hope to fulfill the gap of the Tibetan IT related problems. Regarding the content, since only Kar-do Tsedan and I contributed, due to lack of human capacity, financial capacity and availability of time, it is not complete yet.  But I have a strong commitment to continue working on it to expand and improve it. After it becomes a bit complete in the future, I plan to edit them on a book and distribute them.

Journalist: As we leap forward from homogenous culture to heterogeneous culture, what do you want to tell most to the readers about IT?

Gling-Nyon: Generally, considering IT as a culture, we just took our first step. The future path is broad and wide with tremendous hardships. Besides preserving and promoting the unique culture of Tibet and central nerve of our nation, the Tibetan language, the readers and their next generations should study Tibetan hard at young age. At the same time, by learning the advanced IT of other ethnicities and countries, bringing a never existed new change to Tibetan IT is the single hope of we first generations.

Finally, we plan to collect more IT related questions from many readers and want to interview you again (Gling-Nyon). We hope you accept it. Other than that, we wish you tremendous achievement on Tibetan IT.

Oh Thanks! Good Luck

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#8 Guest @ 2009-12-17, 5:00:40

A benevolent Tibetan commented on you the following way: We must have inventors like you among Tibetan ourselves.  Instead of keeping the old customs, it is important to have time catching and progressive innovations.


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Bumba-gyal, I am a student studying at Computer Department at Central Nationalities University. What I am interested is to become a web engineer, but since my teachers are all Han Chinese, please briefly tell me how to make webs.


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Over the problems presented by web-friends, IT specialist Mr. Gling-Nyon should give some consideration.


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It seems at present there are no such training classes. Since Tibetan is a backward ethnicity, such technician is needed very much.


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I think it would be very nice if Tibetan computer-technology specialists like Gling-Nyon establish an IT training school for making Tibetan websites, and that is also my wish. By the way, Web-friends, are there are any Tibetan Vocational Training schools in Tibetan areas?



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I admire your skills.