A Small Smacking Sound

A Small Smacking Sound

Rongwo Gedun Lhundup is a very well known blogger and poet known for his free style poetry. Born in Rebkong in Amdo (Chi: Tongren in Qinghai), he studied Buddhism as a monk in Rongwo monastery, Labrang Monastery and Serta Monastery. He has published four books of poetry. They are “The Sound of the Yak and Wild Yak”, “The Poem of the Great Deity”, “The Black Rosary” and “The Melody of Life”. He also blogs on Gedun Chophel website, and Tsogonpo (Kokonor). This poem was published on Kokonor.

A Small Smacking Sound

Today I can’t stand the freezing cold,
Can’t bear to step out of the threshold of my monk’s room.

Settled into a squat,
I sink into my book.

It saddens me to see these villagers
With the same fate tremble with cold.

On the long kora path round the monastery
There’s an old lady. Is she also cold?

In short, all my brothers and sisters,
As they freeze today, so tomorrow they will freeze.

The original link: http://blog.amdotibet.cn/lmgo/archives/76976.aspx

(Translated by Tenzin Dickyi and Dhondup Tashi Rekjong)