Yangjin Lamo – Tibetan Singer

Yangjin Lamo – Tibetan Singer

Yangjin Lamo – Tibetan Singer


Yangjin Lamo: a Tibetan Singer and Philanthropist. With Tibetan infused pop music gaining momentum on the Chinese music scene, Tibetan singer Yangjin Lamo can be viewed as an exemplary role model. A multitalented woman, Yangjin Lamo is a singer, award winner (China Grammys), philanthropist, co-founder of a Tibetan medicine company, blogger and strong advocate for women’s well being.

Apart from her work with The Women’s Federation for World Peace (妇女世界和平中心) among other organizations, Yangjin Lamo’s goal is to help women find their inner happiness through meditation, music, and dance.

“My wish is to help the modern woman find the key to inner happiness. Exploring the journey that is life, I have always felt that we need spiritual practice that is suitable to the modern woman; one that allows women to explore their spiritual path at home or in the workplace, one that breaks down their worries and fears, and helps them return to their core of gentleness, tranquility, compassion, and wisdom. To transform themselves into satisfied and happy people; to even gain a thorough self-awakening. “

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