When is it unnecessary to beat the students?

When is it unnecessary to beat the students?

(PART 1)
When I was small, I was never really beaten in school, but my other classmates were often humiliated, and were sometimes seriously beaten by the teachers. Between classmates, hurting each other a little bit by playing tricks and making jokes on each other is normal, as they are simply naïve children. As the succeeding generations of a people residing on the high plateau, the unique nature of our playfulness is becoming more and more apparent: our sons are fond of playing, fond of jumping, fond of laughing and fond of touching everything they see.

In general, students’ personalities are very volatile, so we can’t treat our students as domesticated sheep, and can’t humiliate them into crying by playing some small tricks between each other or because of some tiny issues. I think educating and negotiating with them without saying abusive words is a better way. However, there are teachers who have the mentality of treating less educated students as ignorant students, who often beat the students without much concern for the students’ dignity.

Less educated students also have dignity, and humiliating the dignified students is a big abuse. Being less educated, their standard is a bit weak. The teachers who are assigned to the students also have the responsibility of strategically changing the fate of the students, so the contribution of teachers who get used to instructing the students only with a teaching stick is pain on the bodies of the students. Particularly, students of teachers who always beat them are just thinking about how not to get beaten for the whole day; the hope of studying hard to improve grades disappears. Therefore, it is important that teachers, starting from themselves, should turn the students from less educated to well educated. In training students to be well educated, it is even more important not to beat the students.

(PART 2)
Among the teachers, there are good, average and bad teachers. Some teachers have good knowledge and manners, so they are very compassionate to their students. On the other hand, some teachers have neither much knowledge nor good manners, so they bring their personality to the classroom to show their nasty image. The teachers, instead of taking responsibility for the poor teaching results, blame the students by humiliating them, ridiculing them, and even seriously beating some of the students. Due to such reasons, students respect the knowledgeable and compassionate teachers with the good manners. On the contrary, they feel disgusted by the uneducated teachers with poor manners who always use beating to provide the worst education to the students. We can train the students better, and show that beating students is not the only method, but that it is more about knowing how to teach, how to care and how to educate the students.

One smart word from the teacher or several lines of elegant sayings capable of completely attracting the students’ hearts are more valuable than throwing sticks and a thousand slaps to the face. We should never train students only by beating, but through civilized ways and through sincere doctrines of respected teachers. Thus, we can educate people without inflicting wounds on their hearts. We ourselves are always the offering light in the eyes of the students. My wish is not the same as those teachers who impress the students by threatening to teach with sticks.

Our wish is that our students will, without enduring any beatings, grow up healthily based on their own talent and knowledge under the help, concern, instruction and kindness of the teachers. I wish there was an educational environment that gets rid of the hardship, fear and anger of the students who are often beaten. In order to reach the point of no beating, teachers should first master a kindness-based method of education.
Translated by Reb Sa