Website Founders Invited for Interview

Website Founders Invited for Interview

Kan lho ba wrote this news piece on a meeting between website founders and posted in on the website An anonymous translator submitted it on January 9, 2007.

At 3pm, on January 6, 2007, writers for the website,, invited the founders of the website,, brothers Wangchuk Tseten (dbang phyug tshe brtan) and Tsewang Norbu (tshe dbang nor bu) to be guests of the website. First, Wangchuk Tseten mentioned that their primary reasons for creating the Tibetan culture website in Chinese were to provide an understanding of Tibetan culture and to spread awareness of Tibetan culture to a wide audience. Tsewang Norbu added that the Internet provides the best way to understand Tibetan culture, and because of the environment and history, Tibetans have created unique epic stories like Gesar. Both brothers spoke in detail about the goals, plans, and purposes of the website. They said that many actors and singers, both in China and internationally, are followers of Tibetan Buddhism. They also commented that Tibetan is easier to learn than Chinese. Also, they talked about several books related to Tibet that were published in Chinese.
Sina is the most popular website in China and has the richest content, and intellectuals and influential people in particular frequently access it. Thus, we can only consider’s invitation to the brothers as an indication of the extent to which the Chinese web community is beginning to pay attention to Tibet.


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