The Present of the Past

The Present of the Past

Ngarma is the pen name of Jigshel Kyab, who just graduated from Qinghai Nationalities University in Xining. He is from Machu in Gannan prefecture, Gansu province (Amdo). He composed the lyrics for the song “New Generation” by the rock band Yudrug (Green Dragon), which was extremely popular with Tibetan audiences everywhere.The following is an excerpt.

The Present of the Past
By Ngarma

Only twenty three and I have a mountain range of regret.
What is this? What is this?

From the door I invite a drop of light.
The dust particles
Assemble here.

The tea has long grown cold.
Much that has cooled cannot be warmed again.

The various incomplete drawings cannot be erased.
Like these unfinished works which cannot be forgotten,
I broke the three un-crooked arrows on the clock,
Messed up the twelve numbers.
In the mirror, I did not show myself the wrinkles on my forehead.

A vehicle,
Dragging a tail of black smoke,
Rushes east in the morning,
And returns west in the evening.

Near the highway
I see a couple kissing happily,
And I see in my mind,
Not my past but their future.

Only dreams plumb the mind’s depths.
The mind that forgets
Makes me light as a feather.

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(Translated by Tenzin Dickyi)