Sakyil Tseta was born in Rebkong, Amdo. He started writing in 1998 and published his first piece in the Rongwo Monastery magazine called “The Golden Bridge.” Since then, he has been published in many literary magazines. In 2002, he published his first book of essays titled “The Soul of the Dove”. Along with Jashung Yangba and Wari, Sakyil Tseta is a well-known essayist in Tibet.
Gedun Chophel, the famous Amdo scholar, also wrote a poem praising Rebkong, one of the most celebrated places in Tibet. After Chophel, other writers have also written in praise of Rebkong and this is one of them.

Currently, Sakyil Tseta is working at the Malho Tibetan news agency in Rebkong as an editor. His next book titled “Gang” (gangs for snow) is coming soon.The following is an excerpt from his poem Rebkong.


By Sakyil Tseta

Burn the incense offering, blow the conch.
You are in fact a blue altar for incense,
You are a dark fairy tale from long ago.

Oh Rebkong- the black fort of history
Where my father’s bones have decayed and
My mother’s energies have scattered.

You are sometimes like the cool breeze
Running through the high mountains,
You are sometimes like the clear water
Flowing through the low valley.
As precious in the king’s heart as the blood boiling in it,
Is the sparkling Rongwo monastery
A majestic black tent in the blue grass
Or a line of young wild yaks on the craggy mountain?

Oh Rebkong, fatherland.
Famous Rebkong of history where the dust has not yet settled.
You are like a song to sing or a dance to dance,
Where the poor dream their joyful dreams
And the rich display their colorful turquoise and corals
And the lonely take their drinks in one shot.

Every morning and evening,
The red valley is wreathed in a belt of smoke,
Like the chest of a freshly slain yak,
As the smoke rises, curling into the air.

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