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From Lhasa

Meri is a pen name meaning “fire mountain”, and we are not aware of other writings by Meri. This poem was published on New Youth at tbnewyouth.com, which is a popular website in Tibet. (more…)

A Small Smacking Sound

Gedun LhundupRongwo Gedun Lhundup is a very well known blogger and poet known for his free style poetry. Born in Rebkong in Amdo (Chi: Tongren in Qinghai), he studied Buddhism as a monk in Rongwo monastery, Labrang Monastery and Serta Monastery. He has published four books of poetry. They are “The Sound of the Yak and Wild Yak”, “The Poem of the Great Deity”, “The Black Rosary” and “The Melody of Life”. He also blogs on Gedun Chophel website, and Tsogonpo (Kokonor). This poem was published on Kokonor. (more…)

The Fast Shadow (A movie script)

This is a screenplay of a short film by Kyabchen Dedrol. Kyabchen Dedrol is one of the best young writers in Tibet, and a leading figure of the “third generation”, a generation defined both by their age and their thoughts and views which are distinct from the older generation’s. His writings are published in many literary magazines inside Tibet and have also been translated into other languages. He is the co-founder of Chodmey website. (more…)

What can we write?

This is a personal opinion piece that is critical of the writing skills of Tibetan writers born after 1980. Nodreng was born in Amdo Rebkong in 1986 and he studied at the Peking Chinese Social Science Research Institute and the Northwest Nationalities University. Currently, he is studying at Peking Chinese Film Academy in Beijing and will graduate in March 2013. He has published a book called “The spirit of Charvaka” and made two short films called ” The Blood of the Grassland” in 2010 and “Separation,” which was his thesis project. He is also the editor of popular Tibet blog Tibet New Youth. (more…)

Kyablo and his Ponytail

Kyablo and his Ponytail is a short story by Takbum Gyal about a nomad boy’s curiosity about filmmaking and his wish to be an actor. There are only a few popular novelists in Tibet, and Takbum Gyal is one of them. Many of his short stories and novellas have been published in Tibetan literary magazines. He also published a novel titled “The Silent Grassland” some years ago. His short story collection “The Song of Life” received the 2011 Minority Literary Award in Beijing and was translated into Chinese by filmmaker and writer Pema Tseden. Takbum Gyal is now writing a novel called “Decline” and a collection of short stories titled “The Winter Without Snow.” We translated this short story excerpt from the Gendun Chophel website. (more…)


A short poem by Tibetan song-writer Dulha Gyal about his hometown. Dulha Gyal, who works at Qinghai Television Center, also writes under the name Drong (wild yak). He is an anchor, reporter and editor as well as a song-writer. His song “Come Back In Your Heart” became very popular and was sung by famous Tibetan singers such as Yadong, Kunga, Tsewang and Gangshuk. His poem “My Wife Slept, I Am Still Writing Poems” is also famous among Tibetan writers.
The Tibetan word “phayul”, translated to “hometown” in the English version here, can have several meanings—village, hometown and also homeland.

Longing for the Deities

Sakyil Tseta was born in Rebkong, Amdo. He started writing in 1998 and published his first piece in the Rongwo Monastery magazine called “The Golden Bridge.” Since then, he has been published in many literary magazines. In 2002, he published his first book of essays titled “The Soul of the Dove”. Along with Jashung Yangba and Wari, Sakyil Tseta is a well-known essayist in Tibet. (more…)

The Change in My Homeland – A Poem

Khawa Lhamo’s real name is Metok Tso. A well known Tibetan woman blogger on the Sangdor website, she was born in Bongtak in Themchen county in Qinghai, which is part of Amdo. She is a graduate of the Qinghai Nationalities University, and currently teaches at a high school in Bongtak.  (more…)

I Want To Sing A Love Song In Dhardo

This poem was published on Choemey by Bido Choekyong. He was born in 1989 in Bido in Amdo. Dhardo is the shortened form of Dhartsedo, also called Kanding in present day Sichuan. A town that historically belonged to the Tibetan province of Kham, Dhartsedo was also known as Tachienlu. It was a border town known for its trade—Chinese would bring brick tea from Chengdu to trade with Tibetans for wool. A rushing river runs by the town and is a very prominent feature of the town. (more…)


Yumtso is a prominent contemporary Tibetan woman blogger from Karze, Kham. Her real name is Yama Choetso, and she graduated from the Central University for Nationalities in Beijing in 2010. Her pen name Yumtso means “turquoise colored lake”. She blogs on Sangdhor net and focuses on current social changes inside Tibet. (more…)