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The First Howl

Wolf band

In 2009, the Wolf Band released their first album “Brother” (ཕུ་བོ) and in 2011, they released their second album “The Wolf Looks Back” (རི་སྤྱང་གི་ཕྱི་མིག). They have played at concerts in different parts of Tibet, and are the second rock band in Tibet after Namchak (གནམ་ལྕགས). They have said they are inspired by the unity and courage of wolves. The five members in the band are Pema Dorjee, Kathup Gyal, Tsering Shawo, Tashi Shawo and Dhondup Shawo. For this song, “The First Howl”, the lyrics were composed by Lhadruk Tsering and the melody by Kathup Gyal. (more…)

On Translating the Kangyur and Tengyur into English

The Kangyur and Tengyur are the vast corpus of Buddhist literature. The Kangyur are the Buddha’s teachings and the Tengyur are the commentaries written over by Indian masters. Over the course of centuries, Tibetan translators translated this entire corpus into Tibetan and now this literature, which originally came from India, survives only in the Tibetan language. (more…)

Tibetan Spelling Mistakes and More


Shokjang was born in Labrang in Amdo. He studied Tibetan literature at the Northwest Nationalities University in Lanzhou. He is a leading intellectual of his generation. He has published four books: The Courage of the Path (ལམ་གྱི་སྙིང་སྟོབས།); The Pen’s Strength (སྙུ་གུའི་སྟོབས།); For Freedom I Have No Regrets (རང་དབང་གི་དོན་དུ། ང་ལ་བློ་འགྱོད་མེད་།); and The Courage of Rangdrol (རང་གྲོལ་སྙིང་སྟོབས།). He writes on Tsenpo and Samsara. (more…)

Why Are People Fighting Over The Caterpillar Fungus?

Caterpillar fungus

Recently there was a fight between two villages in Tibet over caterpillar fungus. As a result of this fighting, a young man of thirty was stabbed and killed. These two villages, called Kude and Dornying Nyalung, were both in Rebkong in Amdo. There were even four or five op-eds written about this brouhaha on the literary site Tsanpo. Tsanpo.com is a new Tibetan language literary site with dedicated columns for writers where they can post their own writings, so Tsanpo has become very active and popular. Tsanpo has essentially become what Sangdor used to be. (more…)

Listen. Where Is That Bark Coming From?

Sangdor is a well-known Tibetan writer who has published five books.
In particular, his book “Tulphod”, with its new metered verses,
created a literary stir among Tibetan writers. He is the former editor
of Sangdor website which was shut down recently. This piece was
published on Rangdrol blog in 2012.

Yangjin Lamo

Yangchen Lhamo

Yangjin Lamo: a Tibetan Singer and Philanthropist. With Tibetan infused pop music gaining momentum on the Chinese music scene, Tibetan singer Yangjin Lamo can be viewed as an exemplary role model. A multitalented woman, Yangjin Lamo is a singer, award winner (China Grammys), philanthropist, co-founder of a Tibetan medicine company, blogger and strong advocate for women’s well being. (more…)

The New Ten Virtues and the Public

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 10.55.40 PM

One of the biggest debates on Tibetan websites this year is on the new Ten Virtues. On this issue alone, there were about twenty opinion pieces and more than a thousand comments written on the internet. (more…)

Exiles, Let’s Go to Tibet

This excerpt is from Lu-nyon (real name: Yeshi Gyatso) and published on Sangdor blog, one of the most popular blogs inside Tibet. Lu-nyon has published more than thirteen books and some of them, including “The Stateless Person,” have been translated into English. He is from Tibet although he now lives in America.


Bongtak Rilu’s real name is Rinchen Dhondup. Bongtak is the name of his birthplace and Rilu is a childhood nickname used by his family. Bongtak Rilu has published four books of poetry; the latest one is titled, “I am Mounted with a Golden Saddle.” His writings are simple and transparent, focusing on current social changes. (more…)

The Agate and the Singer (Part II)

This is a short story by Kyabchen Dedrol. Kyabchen Dedrol is one of the best young writers in Tibet, and a leading figure of the “third generation”, a generation defined both by their age and their thoughts and views which are distinct from the older generation’s. His writings are published in many literary magazines inside Tibet and have also been translated into other languages. He is the co-founder of Chodmey website. (more…)

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