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  • I’m Not Happy

    Namchak (literally ‘Sky Metal’) is the oldest and the most famous Tibetan rock band. They have released three albums. The band members are: Tenzin Dawa, Sonam Nyandak, Phurbu Nyudup, Tashi
  • Milarepa

    Milarepa is the 11th century Tibetan saint who is revered for having attained enlightenment in one lifetime. He left behind a rich tradition of mgur, spontaneous songs of realization that are also rel
  • A Special Feeling

    Rongwo Gedun Lhundup is a well known poet for his free verse. Born in Amdo, he studied Buddhism as a monk in Rongwo, Labrang and Serta Monasteries. He has published five books of poetry. They are &#82
  • How contemporary Tibet might’ve been seen by a Tang dy

    Gurgon Kyab was born in Chentsa in Amdo, Tibet, part of Qinghai province. He is a historian, writer and scholar. He graduated with a Master’s degree in History from Qinghai Nationalities Univers
  • Is Nationalism a Good Thing?

    Shokjang is a leading intellectual of his generation. He was born in Labrang in Amdo. He studied Tibetan literature at the Northwest Nationalities University in Lanzhou. He has published four books: T
  • Shut Your Dog’s Mouth

    Chen Metak (གཅན་མེ་སྟག) is a very well-known Tibetan writer from Amdo. The poem “Shut Your Dog’s Mouth” is a sarcastic poem written to criticize a certain unnamed person. It
  • An Old Thangka

    Thopa Rangdrol writes under the pen name Shoklung (Morning Wind). He was born in Amdo Golok in the 1980s. He has studied at Serta Monastry and Rongwo monastery in Tibet. His writings were published on
  • Dear Bureau Chief, don’t block our way

    Tibetans have been debating about Tibetan Language preservation for a while. Fortunately, in recent years, these debates have turned into a movement or protests led by Tibetans students in Tibet, in p
  • Who Is The Hero Who Carries Half the Sky?

    Boshuk Kyi is from Trika, south of the Kokonor in Amdo. She works at the Qinghai Research Center for Tibetan Medicine (མཚོ་སྔོན་བོད་ཀྱི་གསོ་རིག་ཞི