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My Wife Has Gone to Sleep, I am Writing a Poem

A short poem by Tibetan song-writer Dulha Gyal. Dulha Gyal, who works at Qinghai Television Center, also writes under the name Drong (wild yak). He is an anchor, reporter and editor as well as a song-writer. His song “Come Back In Your Heart” became very popular and was sung by famous Tibetan singers such as Yadong, Kunga, Tsewang and Gangshuk. His poem “My Wife has gone to sleep, I Am Writing a Poem” is also famous among Tibetan writers.

My Wife Has Gone to Sleep, I am Writing a Poem
By Druk Lhagyal

My wife has gone to sleep she is dreaming a dream
And her dream moves me
My poem and the night

I wear this quiet silence of night and
Hold to my chest these various terms
Terms with hot heat and soft freeze
And I think

Is there anything else to follow
The day’s fatigue since there isn’t
It is past time for me to sleep but
Perhaps snow is falling in my hometown
How my cousins must be cold
So lighting up one cigarette
I think

Her dream might very sweet
Sunlight green grass milk and curd lambs and such
If only I could also take my rest and sing songs in that place
And knit a hat out of flowers
So taking a sip of liquor
I think

This midnight moon slowly
Weaves my poem and her dream and
Offers them to tomorrow
My wife has gone to sleep
I am writing a poem

The original link: http://www.gdqpzhx.com/bo/html/literature/201104061023.html

(Translated by Tenzin Dickyi and Dhondup Tashi Rekjong)

2 comments on “My Wife Has Gone to Sleep, I am Writing a Poem

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  2. commentator a on said:

    This poem is quite old (mid 1990s?), and quite famous, as well as his author. But is it not slightly macho in tone? The innocent wife dreaming simple dreams, the responsible husband taking upon himself the task of thinking and writing…

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