Bongtak Rilu’s real name is Rinchen Dhondup. Bongtak is the name of his birthplace and Rilu is a childhood nickname used by his family. Bongtak Rilu has published four books of poetry; the latest one is titled, “I am Mounted with a Golden Saddle.” His writings are simple and transparent, focusing on current social changes.

By Bongtak Rilu

Today I am in the pasture called Jakthang, like the palm of one’s hand,
which is forty miles from Terlinka.
It is the last grassland from Terlinka.

The four corners of Jakthang are surrounded by sand.
In Jakthang whose four corners are surrounded by sand,
Some Mongolian tents are raised which have not lost their loyalty.
Amidst the furniture stacked in these Mongolian tents,
I saw some statues and in the middle were
The great lamas who are like Tibet’s suns and moons.

After seeing these statues
I felt joy, as if I had set our for home.
I drink sweet tea and refreshing wine but
I could not understand the murmured words of
The Mongolian songbird carrying the blue scarf.
I could not understand.

Original source: http://www.sangdhor.com/blog_c.asp?id=12076&a=rele

(Translated by Tenzin Dickyi)