Exiles, Let’s Go to Tibet

Exiles, Let’s Go to Tibet

Exiles, Let’s Go to Tibet


This excerpt is from Lu-nyon (real name: Yeshi Gyatso) and published on Sangdor blog, one of the most popular blogs inside Tibet. Lu-nyon has published more than thirteen books and some of them, including “The Stateless Person,” have been translated into English. He is from Tibet although he now lives in America.

Calling all exiles, let’s go to Tibet. All those who came from U-tsang, let’s go.
All those who came from Amdo, let’s go. All those who came from Kham, let’s go.

In Nepal, there’s nothing for us. Nothing except the oppression of Nepalese policemen and the contempt of Nepalese people.
We are not allowed to buy houses in Nepal, nor can we become citizens.

Let’s all go to Tibet. In India, there is nothing but rice and dal. Let’s all go to Tibet. In India, there’s nothing but heat and hunger.
In India, there’s nothing but the locals’ scorn and abuse. There’s nothing but black bulls and Shiva lingums.
If you don’t register your refugee papers, there’s nothing else but to be taken to jail.

Let’s all go to Tibet. In America, there is nothing but service in restaurants and hotels. In Europe, there’s nothing but menial work in shops and nursing homes. Let’s all go to Tibet. In the west, the Tibetan kids don’t speak Tibetan. In the west, the Tibetan people don’t wear Tibetan clothes. The Lamas don’t build monasteries. The monks can’t look after their own vows. You can’t get rich washing dishes outside. You can’t make a name running a restaurant outside. You won’t sell anything keeping a shop outside. You won’t get compassion begging outside. We never made a greater mistake than leaving our own land to go outside, and we will never make a greater one.

In Tibet, the land of snows, the skies are clear blue, the snow mountains are white, the grasslands wide and pure, the flowers bright and blooming, the cattle happy and peaceful, the monasteries full of noise and sound, their rooftops shining in the sun. Our parents and relatives are all in Tibet. Our older sisters and our younger sisters are all in Tibet. Let’s all go to Tibet. Even one mouthful of food, eaten in one’s homeland, has a wonderful taste. Even one gulp of water, drunk in one’s homeland, clears the mind. In the pure air, there is the sweet scent of flowers. In the smoke-soft clouds, there is a taste of milk and curd. Before our beloved parents leave for the next world, before our revered Lamas leave for the enlightened lands, let’s go to Tibet.

The original link:http://www.sangdhor.com/blog_c.asp?id=12057&a=1000
Translated by Tenzin Dickyi


  • I share same sentiments but in reality, is it possible? I also understand the challenges and frustrations of living in exile, especially for new arrivals in Nepal and India. I only wish there was more services and help in those areas.
    But you also write “In India..there’s nothing but black bulls and Shiva Lingums”. We should have more respect than that. Shiva is known as the Aadi Yogi, the one who transmitted the science of evolving human consciousness.This timeless knowing which predates all religions permeates throughout this universe through different names, different forms and different manifestations. destroyer of ego, destroyer of illusion, pure ultimate yoga and meditation.

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