Excerpt from “We Are Destroying Our Own Future” by Mgo log kun dga’ tshangs dbyangs

Excerpt from “We Are Destroying Our Own Future” by Mgo log kun dga’ tshangs dbyangs

This opinion piece written by mgo log kun dga’ tshangs dbyangs was posted on the website: http://www.tibettl.com/luntan/text/04/2007031207.htm.
It was submitted by an anonymous translator on April 12, 2007.

If there are no seeds of change, there cannot be successful developments. If there are no successful developments, a nationality cannot exist independently.

Why are we not allowed to stay in hotels?

Unless our and other nationalities’ money is dirtier, thinner or thicker, there are no reasons to allow other nationalities to stay in hotels, while we are not allowed to do so. While staying at hotels, as long as the room is paid, some Tibetans blindly believe that they don’t have to care about the furniture in the hotel. They clean their shoes and other things with the pillow covers. They drink too much, yelling and screaming the whole night, and they won’t let other guests sleep. Moreover, they are fighting and arguing over prostitutes. Because of the bad behavior of a few individuals, the whole nationality is not able to stay at hotels. These people ruin the good reputation of our nationality. Unless you are a careless dog, why would you cause a mountain of hurt to our nationality, not doing the slightest bit of good? Other nationalities don’t distinguish the bad Tibetans from the good, and they will simply say, “There are no vacancies.” As a result, it is difficult for Tibetans to find hotels. Who created this situation? Others or ourselves? Dear friends! Isn’t it time to think about this seriously? Also, wherever there are Tibetans, there are many thieves. It is natural that people who have money will be careful wherever there are thieves. Why are there thieves where Tibetans are gathering? Thieves think that it is easy to steal from Tibetans and that Tibetans will not report theft to the police in a timely manner.

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