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The cold metal stove

The cold metal stove

Tsering Tashi is among the third generation of writers in Tibet and his writings are very provocative. Readers have especially paid immense attention to his poems, which are sexually explicit in a way that is new in Tibetan writing. His pen name, which is Dha Tsenpo, is..

A Poet and Cigarettes

In this blogpost, the writer discusses how he was addicted to smoking, how he tried to quit etc. Many young Tibetan men have a habit of smoking because it had become fashionable to do so. The writer describes how this may finally be changing, with people becoming more c..

One Woman’s Hope

Author sgra dbyangs posted this account of a woman’s personal struggles with forced marriage on the website An anonynous translator submitted it on May 20, 2007. In recent years, while many investors and bu..

A Tibetan in Beijing

This personal blog entry by a young Tibetan from Beijing was posted on the website, . It was submitted by an anonymous translator on April 23, 2007 I was born to an intellectual family in Amdo. Seven years ago, I ..