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What can we write?

What can we write?

This is a personal opinion piece that is critical of the writing skills of Tibetan writers born after 1980. Nodreng was born in Amdo Rebkong in 1986 and he studied at the Peking Chinese Social Science Research Institute and the Northwest Nationalities University. Curren..


A short poem by Tibetan song-writer Dulha Gyal about his hometown. Dulha Gyal, who works at Qinghai Television Center, also writes under the name Drong (wild yak). He is an anchor, reporter and editor as well as a song-writer. His song “Come Back In Your Heart” beca..


Sakyil Tseta was born in Rebkong, Amdo. He started writing in 1998 and published his first piece in the Rongwo Monastery magazine called “The Golden Bridge.” Since then, he has been published in many literary magazines. In 2002, he published his first book of essays..

Approach Me Not

Palmo is a prominent Tibetan women writer whose works have been published widely in literary magazines including Drangchar (Sbrang.char), Tibetan Art and Literature (Bod.kyi rtsom.rig sgyu.rtsal) and others. In 2006, she published an anthology of poems by twenty-three T..