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Internet and Communication

Heavy Self-Censorship in Blogs

This is an exchange of comments on identifiying, cataloguing, and using blogs on Tibetan websites. The piece appeared on the website: http://www.tibet123.com/tibbs/2007-3/5/19493126413.html, and was submitted by an anonymous translator on March 24, 2007.

November 11, 2006
Author:Thang dge ‘brug thar

Dearest cyber friends,
Nowadays internet technology is developing as fast as the summer rains; Tibetan blogs and those concerning Tibet are multiplying like mushrooms after the rain. This helps to advance both the spoken and written Tibetan languages. It also will help to spread the Tibetan language on the web and to develop web culture for Tibetan users. Not only will it enrich Tibetan culture, politics and economics by connecting them to those of the rest of the world and modernizing them toward the new century, but also it will encourage exchanges of views, concerns and Tibetan vocabularies between the three regions of Tibet. Thus, it goes without saying that this is wonderful news. (more…)

An Introduction to the Website “Tibetan Lamp”

This piece of unknown authorship is an introduction to the website titled “Tibetan Lamp” (མཆོད་མེ). An anonymous translator submitted it on June 7, 2007.

Tibetan Lamp is a website published in Tibetan and devoted to Tibetan literature. It was created by several Tibetan writers in Amdo in 2006. They have no editorial writers and do not write original content. Thus, it functions mainly as a literature magazine on web. They claim to collect literary pieces from all areas of Tibetan society and to publish them on the website without censorship. The website is divided into several sections, including traditional literature, classical poetry, free verse style poetry and literary criticism. (more…)