Writer Alai on Tibetan language

Writer Alai on Tibetan language

Alai, a writer of some repute in the PRC, grew up in an environment strongly influenced by Chinese culture, and the reason why his writings have attracted quite a high degree of interest is his choice of topic which he describes with affected naïveté as primarily relating “the transformation of Tibetan society”..

New Discovery of Tibetan Muslims

By Lhamkog (See the orginal article in Tibetan) Whilst the spread of Islam in other countries and among other ethnic groups has been strong, there has been no development of Islam amongst Tibetans. Were there any official restrictions on the spread of Islam in Tibet? This has been one of my longstanding doubts. The fol..

Why do we Blog?

By Rigyam (See the original article in Tibetan) As Blogging is relatively new to us, we are just about becoming aware of its importance in our society. According to outsiders, people publish blogs to further the objective of their professions. If this is the case, then many bloggers in Tibet have no such objectives. I ..

In the college canteen today

Despite of the Chinese government’s emphasis on national unity, identity politics is still an important part of people’s daily life in today’s China and following is what Tsanglo Tenshag has got to say about being a Tibetan student in a college in China pre March 2008. (See the orinal article in Tibet..

“Feb 25th Lhasa”

This has been received from Lhasa today 26th Feb. This New Year passed quietly without any incidents. As matter of fact, it was so quite that if the patrolling soldiers had not set off spectacular fireworks, we did not know it was the new year. Before the approach of the New Year, the government “cleaned up” all un..

Who are the real Splittists?

By Gangni (See the original article in Tibetan) Whatever task you try to accomplish, propaganda is a most important tool to maximise the effect of your efforts, but the reality is that whenever your propagandising passes beyond the limits of truth, it becomes no more effective than the ramblings of a drunkard. At the t..

No need to languish in China

Construction work of establishing a State-run Tibet Buddhism Academy in Tibet Autonomous Region has been started on 20th October 2008. Following is what an ex-student of the Beijing Tibet Buddhism Academy has got to say about this new development. (This photo was taken at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Tibet Buddh..

Your Beauty and My Beauty

This is a personal blog entry written by Brong Phrug. It was translated and submitted by Lobsang on January 31, 2008. Your beauty and my beauty This morning I went to a bookstore to buy some books. The room was pretty empty, and there was no sign of any customers. The female bookseller was sitting near a stove and knit..