An Interview with Jamyang Kyi

An Interview with Jamyang Kyi

By Jamyang Kyi 1. What are your thoughts on the increasing number of Tibetan prostitutes in the cities? Answer: There are some hateful men who use offensive words such as “prostitute, slut, whore” to dishonor the nature of women in general. Even the scholar Gen Sangye Dondrub, whose publications are suppos..

Tibetan nannies have gone abroad

In Lhasa, jobs as nannies are mostly sought and found through relatives, as well as the introduction and recommendation by friends. As a result, there is a continuous flow of young Tibetan women from agricultural and pastoral areas to Lhasa, which has slowly formed a spontaneous but sizable nanny market and workforce. ..

A school with many “cannots”

By Karze ba (See the original article in Tibetan) In 1995 the then vice director of the education department, Ling-la, came to our school. He pointed at the eight auspicious symbols painted above the door. “These are religious designs”, he said, scolding the principal and other teachers. “They belong on monastery..