Intellectuals and foolish faults

Kunsang Tsering or Khyungsang, a teacher as well as a writer, has published many poems, essays, and short histories in both official and private magazines inside Tibet. He started publishing after he graduated from the Malho Teacher’s Training School and his first short story “Love under the Moon” was..
The cold metal stove

The cold metal stove

Tsering Tashi is among the third generation of writers in Tibet and his writings are very provocative. Readers have especially paid immense attention to his poems, which are sexually explicit in a way that is new in Tibetan writing. His pen name, which is Dha Tsenpo, is derived from his birthplace. The cold metal stove..

Interview with novelist Takbum Gyal

There are only a few popular novelists in Tibet and Takbum Gyal is one of them. Many of his short stories and novellas have been published in Tibetan literary magazines. He also published a novel called “The Silent Grassland” a few years before. He is now writing a novel called “Decline” and a collection of sho..

Having your tongue pulled out of your mouth

The website plays an active part in the online Tibetan literary world and there have been a number of literary debates on this website. Many writers also keep their personal blog on Sangdhor, including Mila Tsitsi, whose writings are much favored by other writers. Mila Tsitsi is the penname for a writer wh..

Amdo Champa on Gendun Chophel

For the documentary “Angry Monk” about famed Amdo scholar Gendun Chophel, Luc Schaedler interviewed 14 Tibetan scholars who had done research on Gendun Chophel or were close friend of him. Amdo Champa, a very well-known Tibetan artist, was one of these interviewees. He talked about Gendun Chophel’s personal life...
There is gold greater than yellow gold

There is gold greater than yellow gold

Tsewang Lhamo has rapidly become one of the leading singers in the Tibetan music world. She is very popular both inside and outside Tibet. Her first album “Nikchuk circle dance” was a hit with Tibetan audiences. Last year, she came to the US to perform at a concert organized by Trace Foundation in conjunction with ..

Many scholars in Tibet

Kyabchen Dedol is one of the best young Tibetan writers in Tibet and he is also the leading figure of the “Third Generation”, a generation defined both by their age and their distinctive thoughts and views. The piece was published on the popular website Chodmey (Lamp), of which Dedol is former editor. There was..

We are betrayed by Caterpillar Fungus

This excerpt is taken from another popular blog Tso Ngonpo (Kokonor). Caterpillar fungus, which grows on the plateau, is sold to the mainland where it is highly prized for its medicinal uses. It has now become a primary source of income for many families in Tibet, especially in Kham and Amdo areas where the fungus grow..

Return my old Dekyi Thang

Dekyi Thang literally means “happy field” in Tibetan. The author remembers the Dekyi Thang of her childhood and mourns the neglect and commercialization of present-day Dekyi Thang. The author notices the growing number of butter lamp shops inside Dekyi Thang, which seems to be changing from a place of worsh..

About Sunlight Valley

This article was posted in August 28, 2011. This is a journal about a journey from Amdo Xining to Lhasa, on the train which starts from Beijing. The train began running in 2006 and made it much easier for Chinese travelers and migrants to come from the mainland to Tibet. The writer compares the attitude of the present ..

A Poet and Cigarettes

In this blogpost, the writer discusses how he was addicted to smoking, how he tried to quit etc. Many young Tibetan men have a habit of smoking because it had become fashionable to do so. The writer describes how this may finally be changing, with people becoming more conscious of their health and the environment. The ..