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The Tibet Web Digest Project was founded to translate interesting and relevant items from Tibetan language websites, blogs and online magazines. The goal of the project, which is a part of Columbia University’s Modern Tibetan Studies Program, is to provide access to the vigorous intellectual and cultural activity of the Tibetan language cyberspace. As the project develops, we hope to have translations of pieces from a wide variety of sites on various subjects. We also hope to provide Tibetan and Chinese language versions of the pieces.

Editor: Dhondup Tashi Rekjong has been Editor of Tibet Web Digest since August 2011. He is currently pursuing graduate studies at the University of British Columbia.

Editor: Tenzin Dickyi, who joined Tibet Web Digest in May 2012, is also an editor of the Tibetan Political Review. A graduate of Harvard University, she is currently doing her MFA at Columbia University.


What types of articles are chosen?

The articles we choose are mainly focused on cultural, social, economic and other contemporary debates.
You can find a good selection of English translations of blog posts on political controversies at High Peaks, Pure Earth.

Which blogs and websites do you select articles from?

We normally select our articles from sites with blog posts written by Tibetans in Tibet, either in Tibetan or Chinese. For a more comprehensive list of these sites, see our Links page.

Do you cover all blogs in Tibetan?

Our website does not include sites written, produced or managed outside Tibet or China.
One of the better known Tibetan blogs outside of Tibet or China is www.khabdha.org

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