A woman’s letter to her parents after eloping

A woman’s letter to her parents after eloping

A woman’s letter to her parents after eloping


This is a personal blog entry, written as a letter to parents after this woman became pregnant and eloped with her boyfriend. It was translated into Tibetan from Chinese by brog bus, and translated into English and submitted by Lobsang on January 8, 2008.

Dear Parents,

How are you?I wanted to tell you everything. In fact, Shawo and I have been in relationship for long time. Last time, when Shawo was beaten up, I did not come forward as a witness, so there were many things you did not know, and he was innocent. Now I want to tell you everything. Indeed, because I asked him to come over, it was my fault he was beaten up at that time, but I did not tell you in detail. That was my mistake. Long before that, we fell in love each other and even spent nights together. In spite of the beating, we still continued our relationship. As our relationship continued, our love became deeper and we met secretly many times. Although I got pregnant, I was not able to tell you.

Meanwhile, I also did not want to hurt the child. Because of these circumstances, we met again. While we were discussing this, a person from our village saw us, so I asked him to take me away. Because he wanted to be with me, he eventually agreed to my plan, so we left.We truly love each other. He is very good to me, and his family is nice to me as well. His family is not as bad as you have imagined. I do know him and his whole family quite well. [she stayed in Labrang and Ganjia for one month and had run away from Lanzhu’s home to Ganjia three times]. Like you, they are honest and similar to you. So, please don’t look down on them.We truly love each other and really don’t to want separate.

We chose this path, so please let us continue no matter what happens and accept your daughter’s choice. Do you really want to separate us? Do you really want to see the tragedy of separation? On the matter of religion, I will not follow his belief, and please count on me for that. Whether he will become Hui and Muslim, it is his choice. Individuals have a right to believe or not. If he is forced to believe, it is just for appearances. How many people change their religions? So, there are no reasons to force it. If he were forced, we would be lying to ourselves.

He has nothing to do with the Mountain Top project. He was just a simple employee. Now he has completely left the project, so please do not implicate our relationship with the project.

Please forgive us and let us live happily together. Now please give up your stubbornness.

If you really care about your daughter, just forgive me.

Zla Ba Lha Mo

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