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A Special Feeling

Gedun Lhundup

Rongwo Gedun Lhundup is a well known poet for his free verse. Born in Amdo, he studied Buddhism as a monk in Rongwo, Labrang and Serta Monasteries. He has published five books of poetry. They are “The Sound of the Yak and the Wild Yak”; “The Poem of the Great Deity”; “The Black Rosary”; “The Melody of Life” and “The White Volume” (གླེགས་བམ་དཀར་པོ). He blogs on Tsanpo, Gedun Chophel and Tso Ngonpo.

A Special Feeling
By Rongwo Gedun Lhundup

I am special,
I am a monk who only writes poetry.
In the heart of the mirror of my poem’s
Inside and outside walls,

I wrote about the snow mountains of the Himalayas
And I wrote even about the Lhasa almost left behind by the sun’s rays.
Up to now, when I think of it,
The beauty of life which has burnt and almost melted
Has stuck in my throat.
But I feel that the poem has released it.

(Translated by Dhondup Tashi Rekjong)

Original link:http://blog.amdotibet.cn/lmgo/index.aspx

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