A Land Dispute with a Black Fly

A Land Dispute with a Black Fly

Kyabchen Dedrol is one of the best young writers in Tibet, and a leading figure of the “third generation”, a generation defined both by their age and their thoughts and views which were distinct from the older generation. His writings are published in many literary magazines inside Tibet and have also been translated into other languages. Kyabchen Dedrol is also one of the writers who introduced magical realism into Tibetan literary in the early 1990s with stories like “The Grave Yard at the Snowy Mountain Base and the Eagle of Shampa La.” This piece was published on the popular website Chodmey—of which Dedrol used to be editor.

A Land Dispute with a Black Fly
By Kyabchen Dedrol
After building a new house I was trying focused thinking
When out of nowhere a black fly began showing off
Its wings in front of me.
As I had bought the space in my house with money
I thought the black fly did not own it.
I tried to chase him out the door
But he went here and there
Like a UH-60 American helicopter
Tired me out and broke
The thread of my thoughts.

It looked like he had decided that the space
In my house was his purchased with his money
And the way he pasted himself on the glass resting
Was the way I take my rest from samsara.

Then after sometime, he disappeared.
A whole afternoon, I had to search for him.
In the evening his wingless corpse fell from the curtain.
In fact I had earlier killed him with a swipe of my towel.

When night came it rained without stopping.
My tears mixed with the rain.
The darkness outside seemed firmly made
From the crowding of a hundred million black flies.

The original link:http://www.tibetcm.com/html/degrol/201207154688.html

(Translated by Dhondup Tashi Rekjong and Tenzin Dickyi)