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December, 2011:

The Chang that doesn’t violate the Ten Virtues

The article is written by one of the prominent contemporary Tibetan writers from kham, who uses the pen name Yumtso (meaning “turquoise colored lake). Yumtso is a common name among Tibetans and also the name of several famous lakes such as Mipam Yumtso and Yamdrok Yumtso. The writer mentions that because of the Tibetan lamas’s dharma teachings in Tibet, the number of smokers and drunks is gradually shrinking, but on the other hand, this medical herb drink called “huo-xiang-zheng-qi water” and contains alcohol, is becoming very popular in the market. (more…)

Traveling commentary through dharma songs

Tsangyang Gyatso is the Sixth Dalai Lama, and one of Tibet’s most famous poets. He was also known as a great lover of liquor and of women. His famous dharma songs, beloved among the Tibetans, are now being translated into Chinese, English and other languages. (more…)