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September, 2011:

An Interview with Jamyang Kyi

By Jamyang Kyi

1. What are your thoughts on the increasing number of Tibetan prostitutes in the cities?


There are some hateful men who use offensive words such as “prostitute, slut, whore” to dishonor the nature of women in general. Even the scholar Gen Sangye Dondrub, whose publications are supposedly rich with “rights” and “equality,” likes to use such types of words. Those people have wounded my heart and the hearts of other women like me. Today, suddenly facing such a question has saddened me. (more…)

When is it unnecessary to beat the students?

(PART 1)
When I was small, I was never really beaten in school, but my other classmates were often humiliated, and were sometimes seriously beaten by the teachers. Between classmates, hurting each other a little bit by playing tricks and making jokes on each other is normal, as they are simply naïve children. As the succeeding generations of a people residing on the high plateau, the unique nature of our playfulness is becoming more and more apparent: our sons are fond of playing, fond of jumping, fond of laughing and fond of touching everything they see. (more…)

Tibetan nannies have gone abroad

In Lhasa, jobs as nannies are mostly sought and found through relatives, as well as the introduction and recommendation by friends. As a result, there is a continuous flow of young Tibetan women from agricultural and pastoral areas to Lhasa, which has slowly formed a spontaneous but sizable nanny market and workforce. At the homes of Tibetan cadres, workers and local residents, their main responsibilities include rearing children, cleaning, taking care of and accompanying elderly people, and housekeeping. Among the retired Tibetan cadres, workers, local residents with private houses or dual-career Tibetan families with more than two children, most of them hire nannies. Some families even have two to three nannies. (more…)

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