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February, 2010:

“Aja Drokmo” Guest Appearance on Qinghai Tibetan Language Television

By Lao Zangmin view the original article in Chinese

“Aja Drokmo” Dronpe guest appearance at “Snowland Footprints”

“Aja Drokmo” (Shepherdess), the well-known name of snow land singer Dronpe (Chi. Zhong Bai; Tib. sGron pe), recently made an appearance on the Qinghai Tibetan Language Television talking on the 69th episode of the “Snow Land Footprints” program, participating in the program’s recording of this performing arts discussion.

At the site of the program recording, Dronpe wore “Pola (Tib. Bod la)” Tibetan clothes from head to toe, being interviewed by the newest host to take over this program, Dorje Gyaltsen. Indeed, in life, on stage and off stage, Dronpe is always in Tibetan clothes. Dronpe says she has worn it from childhood and is accustomed to it, she says when she wears Tibetan clothes she feels “comfortable and sure.” (more…)