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December, 2009:

Everyone please watch out for the unknown thangkha “giver”

By Tsewang Norbu see the orginal article in Chinese

Tsewang 1231691679[1]Norbu is one of the founders and editors of the most popular Chinese language blog on Tibet in China: http://www.tibetcul.com/Index.html. He writes in Chinese and has been living in Chinese cities for many years. The following are his notes on a few current issues that damage the image of Tibet.

Not long ago, my younger brother was in Lanzhou; he suddenly received a stranger’s phone call, saying “I’m Tashi, a few days ago someone was going to Chengdu, and I had them bring you a gift. I don’t know if you’ve received it yet?” My brother said: “No, I haven’t. Which Tashi are you? How come I can’t recognize your voice?” The other end said very unhappily: “I’m Tashi from Ngawa. The gift I sent you is extremely valuable!” After hanging up the phone, my brother continued to be perplexed: Among all the friends I know in Ngawa, none are called Tashi. (more…)