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October, 2009:

The Middle of the Tibetan Sixth Month: Below Minyak Stupa (II)

By Laozangmin (Old Tibetan) See the original article in Chinese

Group photo of retired cadres and Aku Tenba (from the left: Drolma gyab, Dorje, Tseden, Youla, Dorje Tsering, Louba, Geri, Dorjetar, Guoba)

It is difficult to drive through Guomai pass’ wall of fog (“Guomai la” is “Laji Mountain” in Chinese, the watershed of the Yellow River and the Tsongkha River (Chin. Huang Shui), the mountain dividing “Haidong” from “Qingnan”), on the other side of the mountain you can see a project underway—“Xijiu Highway’s Laji Mountain Tunnel”. By 2011 at the latest, this five-kilometer tunnel will overcome this 3,820 meter high natural barrier, saving a lot of trouble and all kinds of potential driving hazards. In all, this time it took me almost three hours before I arrived at the Trika (Chin. Guide) County seat. (more…)