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September, 2009:

Third small town sketch “Nora” Drolma

By Laozangmin (Old Tibetan) See the original article in Chinese

DromaDrolma, in charge of a beauty parlor, is in a thirty-square-meter building facing the street. From her eyes above the bridge of her nose and clear, white skin, she doesn’t look like a local (the local weather is fiercely hot, dry, and sunny), only upon speaking does one believe what she says in answer to my question: “I’m a genuine local Tibetan, I’ve been here since I was little”. She stamps both feet in emphasis. Only by hearing Drolma open her mouth and speak Tibetan, did I consider her more and more like a compatriot. She said she was close to J villagers. Drolma said she was 18, 19 when she got married, “divorced in 2007”. Her Chinese is very fluent, and doesn’t bring in a trace of the local Chinese accent. (more…)