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February, 2009:

“Feb 25th Lhasa”

This has been received from Lhasa today 26th Feb.

This New Year passed quietly without any incidents. As matter of fact, it was so quite that if the patrolling soldiers had not set off spectacular fireworks, we did not know it was the new year. Before the approach of the New Year, the government “cleaned up” all undesirable people. They locked up thousands of Tibetan pilgrims, monks, students in a detention center in the eastern suburbs and drove thousands of them to their respective homes. What remains in Lhasa are the people who have temporary permit cards and the residents of Lhasa. (more…)

Who are the real Splittists?

By Gangni (See the original article in Tibetan)

Whatever task you try to accomplish, propaganda is a most important tool to maximise the effect of your efforts, but the reality is that whenever your propagandising passes beyond the limits of truth, it becomes no more effective than the ramblings of a drunkard.

At the time of this year’s peaceful uprising, members of [the government] organisations disguised and joined the protest to lead the public on the wrong path, and CCTV, Lhasa TV and so on went overboard in maligning the Tibetan people in general as “Separatist Tibetans”, in opposition to reality and in defiance of the truth.  This inflicted a very deep wound, difficult to heal, on both sides (Chinese and Tibetan), and caused anti-Tibetan feelings among Chinese brothers and sisters, and hatred of the Chinese among Tibetan brothers and sisters to emerge by themselves. For me, this cannot but be regarded as promoting division between nationalities. (more…)

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