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January, 2009:

No need to languish in China

Construction work of establishing a State-run Tibet Buddhism Academy in Tibet Autonomous Region has been started on 20th October 2008. Following is what an ex-student of the Beijing Tibet Buddhism Academy has got to say about this new development.

Panchen Lama center at the Opening Ceremony
(This photo was taken at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Tibet Buddhism Academy in 1987)
By Rangtsen

If someone were to ask me “Is the Beijing Tibet Buddhism Academy something you really need?”, I would answer without the slightest hesitation that in our case it is of more harm than benefit. Of course, the Tibet Buddhism Academy can be regarded as a high-flying flag that was proudly raised by the great 10th Panchen Lama from blood dropping jaws of the Red Chinese Communist Party [in 1987]. The Panchen Lama shed sweat and blood with supreme determination to lay the path to a bright future for his country, the land of snows. However, in terms of the present situation, it has become no more than a tool used for exclusively political purposes. Their stated aim of cultivating (religious) personnel who “love the Dharma and love the Nation” inflicts a very deep wound in the minds of those who love the Dharma. They select educated people from each major monastery in Tibet, keep them for 6 months or a year or two on the pretext of doing training, then give each of them a fake award of no use to anyone, and send them back to where they came from. (more…)

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