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October, 2007:

An Introduction to the Website “Tibetan Lamp”

This piece of unknown authorship is an introduction to the website titled “Tibetan Lamp” (མཆོད་མེ). An anonymous translator submitted it on June 7, 2007.

Tibetan Lamp is a website published in Tibetan and devoted to Tibetan literature. It was created by several Tibetan writers in Amdo in 2006. They have no editorial writers and do not write original content. Thus, it functions mainly as a literature magazine on web. They claim to collect literary pieces from all areas of Tibetan society and to publish them on the website without censorship. The website is divided into several sections, including traditional literature, classical poetry, free verse style poetry and literary criticism. (more…)

Tibetan Theatrical Troupe Performs “Crossing the Mountain Peak” in Beijing

This piece issued from the Xinhua News Agency describes a noteworthy performance by the Tibet Autonomous Region Theatrical Troupe in Beijing. It was submitted by an anonymous translator on April 29, 2007

On April 11, more than 50 Tibetan dancers from the Tibet Autonomous Region Theatrical Troupe came to Beijing on the newly completed train to participate in the fifth national staging of the outstanding modern play “Crossing the Mountain Peak.” The oldest actor is 50, and the youngest is 25 years old. Many of the performers had not been to Beijing for ten years. After seeing the railroad, they thanked the Communist Party and the central government for building such a magnificent railroad for the Tibetan people. (more…)

Excerpt from “We Are Destroying Our Own Future” by Mgo log kun dga’ tshangs dbyangs

This opinion piece written by mgo log kun dga’ tshangs dbyangs was posted on the website: http://www.tibettl.com/luntan/text/04/2007031207.htm.
It was submitted by an anonymous translator on April 12, 2007.

If there are no seeds of change, there cannot be successful developments. If there are no successful developments, a nationality cannot exist independently.

Why are we not allowed to stay in hotels?

Unless our and other nationalities’ money is dirtier, thinner or thicker, there are no reasons to allow other nationalities to stay in hotels, while we are not allowed to do so. While staying at hotels, as long as the room is paid, some Tibetans blindly believe that they don’t have to care about the furniture in the hotel. They clean their shoes and other things with the pillow covers. They drink too much, yelling and screaming the whole night, and they won’t let other guests sleep. (more…)

Profile of a Tibetan Businesswoman

An unknown author posted this profile on the website http://www.hl88.com. It was submitted by an anonymous translator on April 29, 2007.

Tibetan economist and businesswoman Wang Ga Yu Kyiga (dbang ga yu skyid dga) was born in Ganlho Tibetan Autonomous prefecture in Gansu Province. Her parents raised her in a Chinese cultural atmosphere. Her father was one of the most famous businessmen in Amdo during the 1930s and ‘40s. He built a movie theater in a remote area in Gansu and subsequently created a soup factory, ink factory and wine factory. During the Sino-Japanese war, he built a factory that cleaned weapons. Because of his patriotic courage, the Chinese military has called him a national treasure. He also helped the Red Army during the Long March in 1935. (more…)

One Woman’s Hope

Author sgra dbyangs posted this account of a woman’s personal struggles with forced marriage on the website http://www.tibet123.com/tibbs/2007-6/14/12231455913.html. An anonynous translator submitted it on May 20, 2007.

In recent years, while many investors and businessman from interior China have come to Tibet to make money, many have also used a variety of tricks to bring innocent Tibetan girls to interior China and sell them into slavery. There are many reports that Tibetan girls are forced to marry and then not allowed to see or contact their families for decades. In 1998, a Tibetan woman named Rinchen Drolma (rin chen sgrol ma) from Nagchu followed a man who claimed to be a Tibetan from Amdo. Then she came to Pari Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (dpa’ ris bod rigs rang skyong), (more…)

An Introduction to Tibetan Youth Forum

An anonymous author wrote this introduction to a popular website, Tibetan Youth, for the Tibet Web Digest. It was submitted on April 3, 2007.

Tibetan Youth is the most popular forum in Tibet and the most active Tibetan language website. Although the website itself does not provide content and news, readers and bloggers submit all sorts of information and news. Thus, this forum is becoming a very important website where Tibetan youth can exchange ideas, news and gossip relatively freely. The readers are primarily monks who cannot read Chinese and college students who are specializing in Tibetan studies. (more…)

A Tibetan in Beijing

This personal blog entry by a young Tibetan from Beijing was posted on the website, http://www.tibet123.com/tibbs/2007-3/23/15332334617.html . It was submitted by an anonymous translator on April 23, 2007

I was born to an intellectual family in Amdo. Seven years ago, I lived in a deluxe house. Because of the kindness of my parents, I started to learn Tibetan when I was young. When I was exactly seven years old, I went with my parents to the inner city of Beijing, and I began my life and schooling there. As a result of the pressures of school and growing up, society in Beijing, and other factors, my Tibetan did not improve at all. My ability to speak Tibetan was limited to simple day-to-day conversation. (more…)

Website Founders Invited for Interview

Kan lho ba wrote this news piece on a meeting between website founders and posted in on the website http://www.tibet123.com/tibbs/post_13_5656_1.html. An anonymous translator submitted it on January 9, 2007.

At 3pm, on January 6, 2007, writers for the website, Sina.com, invited the founders of the website, http://www.tibetcul.com, brothers Wangchuk Tseten (dbang phyug tshe brtan) and Tsewang Norbu (tshe dbang nor bu) to be guests of the website. First, Wangchuk Tseten mentioned that their primary reasons for creating the Tibetan culture website in Chinese were to provide an understanding of Tibetan culture and to spread awareness of Tibetan culture to a wide audience. Tsewang Norbu added that the Internet provides the best way to understand Tibetan culture, and because of the environment and history, Tibetans have created unique epic stories like Gesar. Both brothers spoke in detail about the goals, plans, and purposes of the website. They said that many actors and singers, both in China and internationally, are followers of Tibetan Buddhism. They also commented that Tibetan is easier to learn than Chinese. Also, they talked about several books related to Tibet that were published in Chinese. (more…)

An Introduction to the website Tibettl.com

An anonymous author submitted this introduction to a popular Tibetan language website on May 30, 2007.

Tibetan Language Website at http://www.tibettl.com/ is one the most popular Tibetan websites in Tibet. Four Tibetans from the Normal University of Qinghai Province created it in 2005. The website was largely funded by private donations. The purpose of the website is to promote Tibetan languages in Tibet, and, as they have said in their editorial, “to unify Tibetan languages in three regions and to promote Tibetan in the website.” (more…)

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